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National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet
The Plains, VA          Jul 26 - Aug 1, 2008

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NARAM-50 News

Contest Director's Updates

NARAM-50 Welcome
July 1 Update
July 16 Update
July 23 Update

NARAM-51 Announced

NARAM-51 will be held August 8 - 14, 2009 near Johnstown, PA, sponsored by Pittsburgh Space Command, with Steve Foster as Contest Director. Events are:
1/8A Helicopter Duration
A Streamer Duration
1/2A Parachute Duration Multiround
Random Altitude
B Rocket Glider Duration
B Altitude
D Dual Egg Lofting Duration
Peanut Sport Scale
Science Fiction and Future Scale
Research and Development

NARAM-50 News Coverage

Local TV station FOX 5 did several live segments from NARAM-50 on Monday morning. The two longer segments include interviews with Kevin Johnson and Mark Bundick and can be seen here.

Fly-It / Take-It Update

Thanks to the following for their donations for the Fly-It / Take-It program:
Members of MTMA, NAR Section #606 for the 8 Estes Viking Rockets
Fritz Banks of Ohio for the two Estes Vikings Rockets
Members of FLARE, Nar Section #577 for the 12 ZIA Sunseeker Rockets
Members of MASA, NAR Section #576 for the array of rockets with a wonderful note wrapped around each one
Members of Alamo, NAR Section #661 for the neat little custom saucers
Members of Hill Country, NAR Section #671 for the neat little (different!) custom saucers
Members of DARS, NAR Section #308 for the egg/payload/etc rockets
Members of DARS, NAR Section #308 for the second box of rockets, the aptly named Free-B's and Payloader Ones
Members of SARA, NAR Section #545 for the eight cactus-stickered rockets
Members of NARHAMS, NAR Section #139 for the variety of rockets

Shipping Ahead

Registered participants and vendors who are flying in to NARAM-50 may choose to ship boxes ahead. Please put your name on the outside of the box, and try to limit yourselves to reasonable quantities. I don't want to see a Quest trailer parked in my driveway.

c/o Christopher Kidwell
22214 Great Trail Ter
Sterling, VA 20164


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