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Tech Tips

Dedicated to the dissemination of detailed model-building methods and techniques. Materials presented here are not intended as the best or only solutions to the modeling problem(s) discussed. Rather, as methods and procedures which have a proven record of success in actual use. Please keep experimenting with the new materials and techniques as the only way to expand the fields of knowledge.

001: Gel-Cell Battery Charger (PDF, 47k)

002: Body Tube Seam Fillers (PDF, 419k)

003: Fins (PDF, 742k)

004: Paint Finishing (PDF, 669k)

005: Brushes and Brushwork for Hand-Painted Details (PDF, 279k)

006: Clustering Black Powder Motors (PDF, 499k)

007: Self-Contained Solar Launcher (PDF, 579k)

008: Piston Launcher (PDF, 1 MB)
008b: Piston Supplement (PDF, 745k)
Supplemental plans and photos (ZIP, 21 MB)

009: Plastic Model Conversion (PDF, 5 MB)

010: Pocket Continuity Tester (PDF, 439k)

011: Paint Booths (PDF, 602k)

012: Range Box Relay (PDF, 320k)

013: Cluster Altitude (PDF, 9 MB)

014: Odd Rocs (PDF, 2 MB) Supplemental plans and photos (ZIP, 23 MB)

015: Micro Techniques (PDF, 6 MB)

016: Decal Making (PDF, 298k)

017: Working with Plastics (PDF, 3 MB) Supplemental Photos (ZIP, 12 MB)

018: Wet Sanding (PDF, 1678k)

019: Masking Tapes and Techniques (PDF, 1248k)

020: Making Metal and Music Wire Gizmos (PDF, 1824k)

021: Launch Rails and Rail Buttons (PDF, 2.2 MB)

022a: Night Launch History and Techniques (PDF, 10 MB)

022b: Night Launch Battery Installation (PDF, 229k)

022c: Night Launch Parts and Pieces (PDF, 86k)