ContestManager is a standalone application designed to aid Contest Directors in keeping track of points at a National Association of Rocketry (NAR) contest. The major goal of this project is to relieve many of the tedious computational tasks such as altitude data reduction and NAR points tabulation. It is currently available for Windows (95 or later), Solaris, Linux, and any other platform that supports Java 8. Java can be downloaded separately here.

Starting with the 2017-2018 contest year, CB-170 forms and Points Award Sheet are no longer required. There are new forms for contestant registration and flight data recording, but these are optional. Contest Directors should record data in ContestManager, and send the file to your Regional Contest Board Chair so they can validate results.


Altitude data reduction by Vertical Midpoint or Geodesic methods, using 2, 3, or 4 tracking stations
Percent error calculations for precision events
Identifies flights that are possible new US Records
View by results summary, NAR points summary, event standings, meet champions, NARAM points, and national champions
Save data as tab-delimited text file or as an HTML table
PDF version of the latest Sporting Code included for field reference

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The current version is 2.7.1 and includes the following changes:

Download Java
Download ContestManager 2.7.1

Updated records files can be downloaded from Starting with version 2.7.1, this file is downloaded automatically on startup if it isn't already present, or if the current copy is older than 1 month.

Shareware Notice

ContestManager is shareware, but there is no registration fee. If you find it useful, all that I ask is that you send me email. Bug reports, feature requests, and general comments are welcome.

ContestManager may be distributed freely, as long as it is not modified from the original package.

ContestManager is copyright © 1998 by Christopher Kidwell. All rights reserved.